Whoops and Wins: the lessons I learned on “leading-up”

In my last post, I shared “what’s the best approach to leading up?” And as a follow-up, today I am sharing ways I’ve done this well and ways I have screwed it up. And here’s why I’m continuing this conversation: any kind of leadership is often accompanied by the anxiety of making decisions that requireContinue reading “Whoops and Wins: the lessons I learned on “leading-up””

What’s the best approach to “leading up”?

A few weeks ago, I stood at the end of a grass strip runway wearing a bright yellow vest and muttering out loud, “What the hell is this pilot doing?!” He was coming in hot and fast for a landing and I wasn’t sure whether to run away or take cover on the ground. MyContinue reading “What’s the best approach to “leading up”?”

Transition: factors & fears

(This is part 2 to my last post: Is it time to transition?) At age 26, I was living my “dream” life. I had the type of teaching and coaching position I dreamed about at a well-known high school in the Philly suburbs. Beth was working nearby in higher education, and we were going onContinue reading “Transition: factors & fears”

Is it time to transition?

Questions to ask yourself and others when considering a transition. Transitions are a natural part of life, but not many people pause to think about how to transition well.  Cue the people who start their “dream job” only to exit a few months later because the transition was not done well by their organization, orContinue reading “Is it time to transition?”

Can a meeting be efficient & engaging at the same time?

3 Questions that will cut your meeting time in half but double your engagement. Have you ever walked away from a meeting and said to yourself or someone else, “Well, that was a waste of time! We just met for two hours and…. “ “I heard the same person talking the entire time.” “We didn’t talkContinue reading “Can a meeting be efficient & engaging at the same time?”

How to structure a 1-on-1 conversation?

In order for any relationship to grow there needs to be consistent and clear communication. This can make or break a relationship. Many organizations are so focused on communicating with their customers or clients, they don’t stop to think about it when it comes to their employees.  As a leader, a manager, even as aContinue reading “How to structure a 1-on-1 conversation?”

Strategic Planning: Why are they being so quiet?

Have you ever been in a meeting where you needed to interrupt others just to get your idea shared, or tuned out because it’s always the same people talking? Me too. What’s worse than participating in that kind of meeting, is leading that meeting. Especially when you have a few quiet voices and want to makeContinue reading “Strategic Planning: Why are they being so quiet?”

Planning for a New Year?

2020 will be a year to remember – but what will you remember and how will you remember it? I get asked a lot of questions about Year-end or New Year planning. And I’m a firm believer in both: in order to plan ahead you must first look back at where you came from. WhenContinue reading “Planning for a New Year?”

Looking for Ways to Avoid Awkward Conversations?

Awkward conversations are the worst. I remember the first time I struck up enough courage to call a girl I liked on the phone. I was in 8th grade. I’m pretty sure I said hello and then waited a solid minute for her to say something. And the truth is, sometimes leading a team orContinue reading “Looking for Ways to Avoid Awkward Conversations?”

Who is Matt, and what is this all about?

A bit of my story: Growing up in Philadelphia, I had dreams of being a professional athlete like Michael Jordan, an archeologist like Indiana Jones, or an architect like Franklin Lloyd Wright. Slowly, reality sank in and new dreams emerged. But not before some awkward family photos, like this: In high school I thought aboutContinue reading “Who is Matt, and what is this all about?”