Whoops and Wins: the lessons I learned on “leading-up”

In my last post, I shared “what’s the best approach to leading up?” And as a follow-up, today I am sharing ways I’ve done this well and ways I have screwed it up. And here’s why I’m continuing this conversation: any kind of leadership is often accompanied by the anxiety of making decisions that requireContinue reading “Whoops and Wins: the lessons I learned on “leading-up””

What’s the best approach to “leading up”?

A few weeks ago, I stood at the end of a grass strip runway wearing a bright yellow vest and muttering out loud, “What the hell is this pilot doing?!” He was coming in hot and fast for a landing and I wasn’t sure whether to run away or take cover on the ground. MyContinue reading “What’s the best approach to “leading up”?”

Can a meeting be efficient & engaging at the same time?

3 Questions that will cut your meeting time in half but double your engagement. Have you ever walked away from a meeting and said to yourself or someone else, “Well, that was a waste of time! We just met for two hours and…. “ “I heard the same person talking the entire time.” “We didn’t talkContinue reading “Can a meeting be efficient & engaging at the same time?”

How to structure a 1-on-1 conversation?

In order for any relationship to grow there needs to be consistent and clear communication. This can make or break a relationship. Many organizations are so focused on communicating with their customers or clients, they don’t stop to think about it when it comes to their employees.  As a leader, a manager, even as aContinue reading “How to structure a 1-on-1 conversation?”