Matt is the executive pastor at South Bend City Church, building on past experiences as a community life pastor, a membership pastor, a campus pastor, and a high school teacher & coach. He brings a lot of heart and passion to individuals and teams as a strategic connector and team builder.

Matt has been married to his wife Beth for over two decades, and they have two teenage sons, Kallan and Aaron. As a family, they love to adventure outdoors, explore new places, and spend time getting to know the people in their community (especially if it involves music or sports!). Matt is always up for a good book, a hot cup of coffee, a walk in the woods, and unhurried conversation.

Matt is originally from Philadelphia and has spent time living and working on the east coast of Africa, central Pennsylvania (Lancaster) and southern California. He started his professional career as a Health and Physical Education teacher and a high school coach, so he’s a gym-teacher-turned-pastor. He has a master’s in Educational Administration from Temple University and a certificate from the Pastoral Leadership Program (Communitas) at Pepperdine University.

Here is a bit more of my story and why I started posting:

Who is Matt, and what is this all about?

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