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Whoops and Wins: the lessons I learned on “leading-up”

In my last post, I shared “what’s the best approach to leading up?” And as a follow-up, today I am sharing ways I’ve done this well and ways I have screwed it up. And here’s why I’m continuing this conversation: any kind of leadership is often accompanied by the anxiety of making decisions that require…

What’s the best approach to “leading up”?

A few weeks ago, I stood at the end of a grass strip runway wearing a bright yellow vest and muttering out loud, “What the hell is this pilot doing?!” He was coming in hot and fast for a landing and I wasn’t sure whether to run away or take cover on the ground. My…

Transition: factors & fears

(This is part 2 to my last post: Is it time to transition?) At age 26, I was living my “dream” life. I had the type of teaching and coaching position I dreamed about at a well-known high school in the Philly suburbs. Beth was working nearby in higher education, and we were going on…

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