Is it time to transition?

Questions to ask yourself and others when considering a transition.

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Transitions are a natural part of life, but not many people pause to think about how to transition well. 

Cue the people who start their “dream job” only to exit a few months later because the transition was not done well by their organization, or they didn’t quite think it through as individuals.

And by “transitions” I mean starting a new job, leaving a job, changing teams, moving to a new location for the same job . . . and everything in between.

Beth and I have made a few big transitions in life: moving across the globe once and across the country twice, new jobs, and new careers. And we’ve been pretty transparent about those transitions, so I get asked this question a lot:

How do I  know when it is time to transition, and how do I transition well? 

Before I answer this question, I can tell you what keeps people from making a necessary transition: FEAR (but I’ll share more about that in my next post).

Transition Questions:

Here are a few categories and questions I’ve processed on my own and with others regarding transitions: 


(and if “God” is a word that doesn’t work for you, that’s ok! Replace it with “a higher-power”)

1. What do you sense God is saying and how is that leading you?

2. What do those who know you best think about a change? (People can be a voice of God in our lives)


1. Why a change?

2. Why a change now?

3. Are you running from something or to something in this transition? Do you know?


1. Why is this a good time to consider a move?

2. Why is it a bad time to consider a move?

3. Is your extended family a support system for you? If not, who is a support for you? And what support do you need?


1. What is one word you would use to describe where you are right now?

2. What do you enjoy? What is giving you life?

3. What is draining you?

4. What has changed? What’s stayed the same?


1. What direction are you heading? Where do you want to land?

2. What are your non-negotiables? Make a list.

(Examples: Values/Location/Culture/Role/Finances)

3. If you were to create an ideal job description what would it be? How does this compare to where you are, and the opportunity ahead?

4. Who needs to walk alongside you during this process?

The Challenge of Transition

Transitions can be difficult because they involve people, place, timing, families, schools, communities, housing, finances, skills, and deep rooted history. Just because a transition could be difficult, doesn’t mean it isn’t the best next step. It just means you need to be thoughtful and intentional about how you make the transition. 

If you are thinking about transitioning and these questions are helpful to you, then I would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Is it time to transition?

  1. I appreciate how you have laid out the questions. As someone in this space, I have enjoyed keeping a journal and writing the answers to these questions. Often, when I look back, I see the waves of that season, and the seas in my current one as a reminder of the capacity to hope and act in this perpetual journey.


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